About Us

LF Debt Solutions are challenging conventional methods of debt recovery. We integrate our market leading procedures and resources seamlessly into our clients’ operations, using our creative and innovative approach to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their credit control processes. We think differently to our competitors, recovering debts which others would write off. Our passion is providing our partners with proactive, creative, and dynamic solutions which streamline workflows, improve productivity, and increase profitability.

We are a genuine partner with our clients. Our understanding of the intricacies of debt recovery across the full range of sectors means that our highly trained experts are an extension of your business, working together to augment your internal credit control function. Even the best run businesses can almost always enhance the efficiency of their debt recovery processes – after all, you are an expert in your business, and you should be spending your time doing what you are passion about. We are experts in our business, and we are successful because we understand our clients’ businesses and provide bespoke solutions which meet their individual needs.

Supported by the weight of Lupton Fawcett LLP, one of the UK’s top 150 commercial law firms, we are much more than just a specialist debt collection agency. We provide solutions across the full range of contract management and credit control processes. Our passion is disrupting the status quo, helping clients to imagine a new normal, and freeing you up to remain completely focused on the commercial side of your business. Whether you are a public company with a wide-ranging international reach, or an SME wanting to make your own mark in your sector, if you spend time and resources recovering money owed by your clients, we can streamline your operation for maximum results.

Our commitment to challenging traditional thinking in the debt recovery market extends to our approach to charging structures. Our bespoke fee arrangements potentially mean 100% free debt collection on successful recovery. Speak to us today about how we can partner with you to increase the efficiency of your business, safeguard your reputation, and add value directly to your bottom line.