Debt Purchasers UK

Even the most efficient businesses have debtors who do not pay. When managing those unpaid receivables becomes unprofitable or unduly time-consuming, debt purchase is an option. LF Debt Solutions will advise on the suitability of debt purchase and whether it is an appropriate strategy in your individual case.

The debt purchase process

If you decide that the time and financial cost of recovering your debt is prohibitive, then the debt purchase process can be relatively simple; we assume the risk of collecting the outstanding debt, whilst you receive a portion of the debt owed immediately.


Our specialists will advise on every aspect of the process, starting with a detailed assessment of your debt. If you sell, you are relinquishing the opportunity of full recovery, so it is important to be sure that you are making an informed choice.


We will provide you with a, free of charge, strategic analysis of your ledger and, throughout the debt purchase process, we will advise on tax treatment, any special take backs that are required and provide innovative solutions to recover your relationship with your customer.

Benefits of debt purchase

Managing unpaid debts take up capital and resources in your business. Selling your debt immediately releases funds and reduces your bad debt exposure.

Things to consider

Bad debts represent a financial risk and a burden on your time. As unpaid debts age, the time taken to manage them, and the costs involved, only increases. Removing debts which are unlikely to ever be repaid from your ledger is an alternative strategy to writing them off.

However, you need to be sure that debt purchase is the right solution in the circumstances, as you will be giving up your right to receive the full amount of your debt. Our expert analysis will ensure that you receive the best solution.