Debt Recovery Solutions

LF Debt Solutions understand that every debt is different. Whether you are looking to manage credit risk more effectively, improve the efficiency of your collection process, or increase the security and consistency of your cash flow, at LF Debt Solutions we provide the bespoke solutions you need.

A strategic partner

Supported by the vast experience of Lupton Fawcett LLP, we are much more than just a specialist debt collection agency: we are a strategic partner to our clients, offering a comprehensive suite of corporate debt solutions. We are successful because we fully understand our clients’ businesses and provide tailored responses which meet their needs. Our highly trained and experienced specialists are an extension of your business, working proactively, creatively, and ethically to enhance your efficiency and safeguard your reputation.

Benefits for your business

Partnering with us will help you:

improve the security and consistency of your cash flow;

reduce bad debts and the time you spend on internal and external collections;

recover more from your collections;

better understand and manage your credit risks;

maintain positive relationships with your clients; and

reduce your Average Days to Pay and Average Days Delinquent.

Creative solutions

We support businesses of all sizes with solutions such as:

collection & recovery (including early settlement campaigns)


debt purchase

trace & investigation

insolvency proceedings

international debt recovery

outsourcing solutions

debt profiling & litigation scoring

Support across sectors

Our strong industry-wide connections allow us to operate across all sectors. We have notable experience partnering with utility companies, financial service providers, professional service organisations, PLCs with international operations, as well as a strong reputation with owner-managed and entrepreneurial start-ups. Whether you need volume corporate debt recovery or an individualised structured collection journey for a specific debt, or you are looking to recover £10 or £10 million, our solutions are perfectly tailored to your needs.

A proper partnership

A proper partnership means that we share the risks involved in debt recovery with you, whether supporting our clients though one of our bespoke ‘no-collection, no-fee’ debt solutions, or via our unique debt share-purchase models.
We have transparent fee structures, charging a percentage of the debt collected. In many cases, the process is self-funding through our tenacious and expert pursuit of late payment fees and interest.

Our approach

We challenge the usual way of doing things, and secure recovery of debts which others would write off as impossible. We offer unique, creative solutions through our proactive ledger and health checks, which we provide, as standard, free of charge. Experience has taught us that even the most efficient and well-run businesses can almost always improve their contract management and credit control processes. Engaging with a partner who can bring fresh eyes and a proven ability to innovate and think creatively can have a major impact on your bad debt write-offs, the efficiency and productivity of your own staff and, ultimately, your bottom line.
Contact us today to discuss a free ledger and health check, or how we can support your business more generally.