Debtor Tracing and Investigation

We provide specialist trace & investigation services comprising bespoke field visit solutions to track down debtors when all else fails. When debtors do not pay, decisions must be reached regarding the cost versus benefit of recovering money owed. Managing unpaid debts can be time-consuming, especially where the information you hold on your debtor is out-of-date or incomplete.

At LF Debt Solutions, our highly trained and experienced debt recovery professionals will help you make the right decisions to bring about the return of income from aged debts with minimal outlay.

Our specialist trace investigators gather detailed information on the financial standing of debtors, enabling informed decisions to be made. We are the ideal partner to drive forward your debt recovery process, we’ll provide you with the knowledge, support and actions to structure the best solution for your business. Our creative and customised trace and investigation solutions are invaluable to the efforts of our clients.

As well as being highly effective, our experts always operate professionally and discreetly. Debtor tracing is a complex process that requires diligence and an in-depth legal expertise within a complex regulatory environment., We work intelligently and ethically, and always with a thorough appreciation of regulatory and data protection laws.

Purposes of trace and investigation

Debtor tracing can be used to discover and/or confirm:

personal details of the debtor (name, address and contact details).

active address and contact details of company owners and/or directors.

the trading status of a company.

the employment status and details of an individual.

the value and location of any assets owned by an individual or company.

whether any County Court Judgements have been issued on an individual or company.

whether any bankruptcy proceedings have been issued against an individual or company.

whether an individual is in prison and, if so, where.

Trace and investigation solutions

The creditworthiness of a customer should be checked before credit is offered. A credit check assesses credit score and determines whether there is any adverse information about the company or individual, such as County Court Judgments.

Our experts have a suite of tracing solutions at their disposal. Information can be obtained from the Electoral Roll and Land Registry, as well as the Insolvency Register and London Gazette.

Telephone and internet tracing is now extremely sophisticated, and we can use social media and online searching techniques to trace companies and individuals.

An individual’s employment status is vital information when devising your debt recovery strategy. In fact, in many cases, once your debtor is aware that you have confirmed their employment details, they will begin the repayment process.

If a tenant disappears, confirming their new address is necessary if you want to communicate with them about unpaid rent or damage to the property.

Our highly trained and experienced tracing experts can provide a complete picture of the financial standing of your debtor in a comprehensive pre-sue report. As well as a full breakdown of assets and adverse information, a pre-sue report can include detailed information about the debtor’s financial activity and daily movements. This information is invaluable in devising the most appropriate debt recovery strategy.

If you would like any more information on any of these tracing strategies, or about debt recovery solutions more generally, contact us today.