Financial Services

Financial Services are a unique regulatory and commercial environment. Our clients benefit from our extensive experience in this sector, enjoying the confidence and efficiency our approach provides.

Initiatives such as open banking are challenging the status quo in the financial services sector. In such a dynamic environment, it is vital to be flexible and proactive. LF Debt Solutions are also challenging the status quo – we are disrupting the debt recovery market with our innovation and creativity, ensuring our clients receive the most effective solutions.

Your objectives in relation to unpaid debts are simple: maximum recovery, commercial efficiency, and the protection of your reputation. We will help you achieve these objectives.

Benefits for Financial Services clients

Our unrivalled understanding of the financial services sector means that we deliver bespoke, highly specialised debt recovery solutions for our clients. Whether you are looking to unlock cash secured in a charging order, enforce a guarantee, or recover unsecured outstanding debts, we will lead the way.

  • Streamline workflows – delays in collection processes make recovery more difficult. We ensure our clients have streamlined and efficient procedures in place.
  • Effective documentation – markets such as consumer credit require clear, unambiguous documentation to enhance the efficiency of the collection process. Our clients’ documentation ensures their customers fully understand their obligations, making recovery easier.
  • Enhanced due diligence – our resources and expertise give our clients a greater understanding of their customers, improving the chances of successful debt recovery.

The nature of financial services sector means that regulatory compliance is vital. Our highly trained and experienced debt recovery professionals operate within the Lending Code, the Financial Conduct Authority’s (FCA) industry guidelines, the FCA’s Consumer Credit Sourcebook and FCA’s Mortgage Code of Business. As the debt recovery arm of one of the UK’s leading full-service law firms, we are guaranteed to stay abreast of regulatory compliance through legal expertise and programme of continued professional development for our team.

Our professional and ethical approach, in line with the FCA principles of treating customers fairly, ensures that your relationships with your customers are safeguarded. Debt recovery can make maintaining these relationships difficult, but our clients depersonalise the process by partnering with us.

We understand the financial services market, and the reputational risks involved in sensitive cases. Partnering with us means that you benefit from our on-going assessment of the risks and merits of each claim as it develops. We ensure that your exposure is minimised, and your reputation is protected.

LF Debt Solutions are disrupting the debt recovery market in relation to traditional pricing structures. You could potentially benefit from 100% free debt collection on successful recovery through our tailored, individualised fee arrangements.

Services for the Financial Services sector

Our experience in the financial services sector allows us to be proactive and innovative with the solutions we provide. We streamline our clients’ workflows, increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of the debt recovery process.

Bespoke solutions we provide in the financial services sector include:

Outsourced collection – through LF Debt Solutions’ “white label” outsourced services, our creative approach and state-of-the-art processes become a seamless part of your business.

Trace and investigation – our highly-trained experts enable strategic collection decisions to be made based on accurate and up-to-date information.

Collection and recovery – we manage the process, leaving you free to concentrate on running your business.

Enforcement – every debt is different, so selecting the correct enforcement option is vital. Our experience gives you the greatest chance of successfully recovering your money.

International debt recovery – we work seamlessly across borders to deliver outstanding results for our clients with complex, international recoveries.

Disputed debts – we are experts in all forms of dispute resolution, with the full weight of Lupton Fawcett LLP behind us to ensure that any formal legal proceedings or Alternative Dispute Resolution is settled successfully.

Debt purchase – debt purchase is a suitable option if you require immediate cash flow and specific debts are assessed as unprofitable or too time-consuming for you to pursue. We provide a strategic analysis of your ledger, free of charge, and advise on every aspect of the process.