International Debt Recovery

Developing your business internationally brings great opportunities for growth into new and exciting markets. International business development is always certain to hold unexpected challenges in unfamiliar environments, but with LF Debt Solutions in your corner, recovering funds from international debtors will go smoothly and by the numbers.

We find solutions, where others struggle for answers, and we innovate where others see only road- blocks and dead-ends.

Increased complexities surrounding debt recovery across different time zones, laws and customs are managed effectively and smoothly by our experts.

LF Debt Solutions work seamlessly across borders to streamline your business operations. Whether the debt is domestic or international, we manage the recovery process with the minimum disruption to your operation. Our experienced, and practical but clever approach ensures money that others would write off as irrecoverable debt, is efficiently collected in a cost-effective way, allowing you to get on with growing and developing your business.

Our international service

International debt collection involves managing language barriers, foreign regulatory environments and cultural norms, as well as the different procedural requirements across jurisdictions. We will expertly navigate these difficulties for you.

We understand that every case is unique, and as your partner we’ll take preventative and preparatory steps so we’re ready for all eventualities in each specific case. By carrying out extensive due diligence on debtors, we provide clear and practical solutions to ensure a successful outcome.

Our team has experience with EU recovery procedures and European Enforcement orders, and we have managed recovery in countries across the world, including the USA, Canada, the Middle East, China, Australia and more.

We are experts in

International collection, including tracing and investigation, telephone collections, settlement and pre-action recovery

Jurisdictional issues, including choice of jurisdiction

Issuing international legal proceedings and enforcing judgement

International commercial arbitration; and

Structuring of international corporations.

Benefits of partnering with us

Knowledge of international debt recovery laws and practices.

Streamline your workflows with seamless, integrated recovery of domestic and international debts.

Peace of mind with regards to your debt collection procedures.

Save time and money on complex international debt collection.

The same outstanding client service as with your domestic operations.

Our approach

Using our unrivalled international reach, we carry out extensive due diligence to uncover any issues which are delaying payment. Our renowned trace and investigation experts use their experience to collect all the information required for successful recovery.

This information forms the basis of a strategic review of the case and the design of the most appropriate solution.

Armed with this accurate, detailed information, we contact the right person at your debtor directly to request payment and, if necessary, begin negotiations.

We are skilled and tenacious in negotiating the best outcome for our clients. Your money is our money. We take into account all local cultural nuances and customs to ensure that negotiations are positive, with a relentless focus on recovering your money.

Our commitment to an ethical and fair approach increases our success. As well as collecting apparently irrecoverable debts, we also ensure that your reputation is protected. This is particularly important when operating overseas, when you can have less control over how your brand is perceived.

Once we collect the debt, you will receive your money direct to your bank account, without having to concern yourself with any international bank transfer procedures.

We are challenging the status quo on pricing for debt recovery. For our clients, that means potentially 100% free debt collection on successful recovery, even for international debts.

We charge a success fee based on the location and age of the debt, as set out below: